Happy New Year

A new year begins and brings with it some big challenges, for Holy Trinity at least. Actually management gurus always tell us to view challenges more as opportunities. So, with that in mind ...


Opportunity 1:

In September we had a Parish Reflection Day. About 25 people from the church spent some a day thinking about where Holy Trinity can improve what it does, and together we came up with a many ideas.

         2013 will start with a small group looking at all those ideas, and deciding which ones we should follow up. It will take us a few meetings to get through them all, but eventually we'll come up with a plan ... and then later this year start to implement it.


Opportunity 2:

When I came to Holy Trinity 7 years ago, I inherited an outline plan for reordering the inside of the church building. I've spent a lot of time, working with the church architect, developing and adapting the plan, trying to get to a stage where we would be given permission to do it.

         In December we finally got permission to proceed. So 2013 brings us to the stage of raising the money to make the plan a reality.  That is a daunting task, but a very exciting one!


I'm sure I could list lots of other challenges for the whole church. And I'm sure that all of you will face your own more personal, individual challenges along the way. So I wish you all God's grace as we move into 2013, and let all your challenges be transformed into opportunities.