Join us this Advent…

As we arrive in Advent many children are getting excited at the thought of what might be hiding behind their Advent calendar door each morning. I know my children will find a chocolate and a scene from the nativity. Advent is a special time of preparation and waiting for the coming of Jesus. The anticipation of the calendar door reflects this waiting. For me, I enjoy lighting my Advent candle as I wait, watching the flame melt away the wax.

Advent also marks the start of many joyous services at Holy Trinity as we approach Christmas Day.


Next Sunday, the 9th December, is our Toy Service as well as a parade service for our Brownies, Guides, Scouts, Cubs and Beavers. During the Toy Service we all have the opportunity to donate a toy to children who may have little or nothing this Christmas. Action for Children ensures the most needy children in our area receive a gift suitable for them. Please do join us for this service at 10am. If you are able to donate a toy, please bring it along to the service unwrapped. I know all gifts are greatly appreciated.


On the evening of the 16th December we have our Christingle service when we reflect on the coming of the Light of the World. We will meet in the Trinity Centre at 4.00pm where we will make our own Christingle. After tea and cake we will take our Christingles over to church for a short service. At the point where we light our Christingles we lower the lights so that we are able to sing by candlelight; a perfect way to begin the Christmas celebrations.


We have something for everyone this Christmas time. Do visit our website for more information We hope you will be able to join us and we look forward to welcoming you.

Becky Stephens