Sticky backed plastic anyone?

Sometimes I joke that I used to be a Blue Peter presenter because I am always having to think of things to do with sticky backed plastic and the inner tubes of kitchen roll!


Currently I am up to my eyes in shoe boxes and labels as preparations for our 5th Advent day on 1st December at St Peter’s gather apace. Advent Day is an annual event run with St Chad’s and St Peter’s for children aged around 4 ½ to 9.

It marks the start of Advent when the journey towards Christmas begins. This year it is called ‘Joy To The World!’ and is based on the senses.


Last year we had over 60 children join us to make things, make music, make friends and discover the true meaning of Christmas in a fun way. We all have a great time on the day but oh, it takes a lot of preparation!


Firstly all the publicity has to be designed, printed and delivered to all the local schools and groups. Then I have to get 60+ shoeboxes! That isn’t always very easy, especially when I can’t drive, so I get my Mum to do that bit! The boxes are all customised for each child registering to come. Then there are all the craft activities to plan and source as well as music, refreshments, logistics and people, lots of people.


Now, those who know me well will have noted that I can be a bit stressy at the beginning of the day; lots to think about and lots of people all wanting me at the same time, but once the day is up and running, it is the helpers who make the day special for the children. The preparation is done. And that is like Advent itself, which is a time of preparation and waiting, looking forward to a very special day and a new baby.


Susie Walker, Youth Worker (Holy Trinity, St. Chad's, St.Peter's)