Women bishops

This morning I met with clergy from the other parishes in our group. I have to say the mood wasn't good. We're all deeply disappointed at the outcome of yesterday's General Synod vote. It seems that, for now, the move towards accepting women as bishops within the Church of England has been halted.


General Synod's vote did not reflect the majority wish of church members across the country. And it certainly doesn't reflect the wishes of us here at Holy Trinity. We are a church which is open and welcoming to all, regardless of race, gender or sexuality. And we see no theologically defensible reason why church officers, lay or ordained, shouldn't be drawn from that same full breadth of our membership.


I've had to ask myself today whether I really want to be a part of the Church of England when it has, for now, rejected something I believe in so strongly. Having thought about it, I think my answer is ... I would rather stay and fight for something I believe to be unquestionably right, than leave and allow the church to be taken over by those I believe to be profoundly wrong.


I hope that those of you who have been asking yourself the same questions about your future as part of the Church of England reach the same conclusion as me. The lack of women bishops is a great inequality, an injustice - and it is our duty to stay and put it right.