No two days are the same

One of the joys of my job is its variety. No two days are the same. As with most jobs, being a vicar involves increasing amounts of administration so I spend too much time on the computer, responding to endless emails, sorting out rotas, planning services and (occasionally) writing blogs.

A single phone call can change my morning though. Someone needs to talk, or needs help, or there is a funeral to be taken. It would probably sound wrong to say that I enjoy funerals but I do get a certain satisfaction from trying to encapsulate a life in a few short sentences and sharing something of the Christian hope. From a funeral I might go to a school governor’s meeting or something to do with the Mothers Union (I am the Diocesan Chaplain).


It not always possible to get to every event. Those where food is provided tend to be popular with clergy – Sutton Baptist Church does an excellent lunch! It’s not all glamour though. Occasionally, I can find myself having to put out tables or stack chairs (I have a degree in chair stacking) or picking up litter left by some of the young people who congregate around St Peter’s.


Having moved into Sutton from a more rural parish (Curdworth, Middleton and Wishaw) I am discovering what it means to work in suburban church where the community, and the church’s place in it, are less clearly defined. One of the great joys of being here is being part of the Sutton Group. Ministry can be a bit lonely sometimes and I really appreciate having colleagues to pray and share with.


Reverend Matthew Rhodes, St. Peter’s Church, Maney Sutton Coldfield