Two rabbits, two rats ...

... two budgies, one hamster, and so many dogs I lost count. That's who came to our Harvest Service last Sunday, along with nearly 150 adults and 50 children.  Oh, and lots of cuddly toys (brought by those who didn't have pets).


Happily things went smoothly. I had only one moment of near disaster. As I was wandering around with a microphone one of the dogs had a lunge at it - he thought it was a chewy toy. But, both the microphone and my hand survived, so all was well.

I tried to get people to think about everything we do for our pets. We provide them with food, water, shelter, love. Well, God provides the same for us. We may not share things properly, but in creation God provides us with everything we need: food, water, shelter and love.


So we thanked God for creation, and we promised to try to share its resources better. At harvest people bring a gift of food; and this year we've passed it all to the Baptist Church, who are running a food bank. That's a great way to start sharing better!


So it was a good morning, we had a lot of fun with a serious purpose.  And best of all, there were no spiders ... or at least only a cuddly one. 




[Take a look at the photos ... of the pets, and the harvest decorations.]