A Curate’s Journey...Part 3

The next step was to be ordained as a Deacon in July 2009. A very moving Service that took me over the threshold into a very different life. I soon discovered that wearing a “dog collar” always produces a reaction from people. On occasion I was to be avoided and on others engaged in long conversations. I learnt the practicalities of being ordained through the expert guidance of my Training Incumbent, John Routh. I found him to have the patience of a Saint, thank goodness, he needed it then and may well need it now.


Then finally I was ordained a Priest at Birmingham Cathedral in July 2010. At last the end of my journey? At the Service we were reminded that being a priest is rather like being a shepherd; there is a special relationship with those whom they serve. Indeed the priestly life is one of great responsibility which can only be carried out with the help of God. I have discovered that Ordination is not the end of a journey, but the beginning. Amen.


Curate Paul Duckers