Children’s Summer Project

During the school summer holidays it has become a tradition that all the children and young people at Holy Trinity come together to create a summer project. It is a great opportunity for the young people of all ages to get to know each other a little better and become closer as a church family. This year we are focussing on ‘Animals in the Bible’ to prepare us for our Pet Service this Harvest time.


Animals portray great symbolism throughout the Bible. For example, the dove represents peace and the spirit of God whilst the lion shows strength. Last week we heard what happened to Daniel as he was thrown to the hungry lions in their den. A hungry lion surely wouldn’t think twice about feeding from whatever entered his den would he? However, here we are taken through a wonderful story of faith. Daniel is a faithful servant of God and remains faithful even in times of testing. Here in the den he knows that God will protect him. Indeed, an angel is sent to Daniel and the lions do not harm him.

This kind of Bible story enables us, as Sunday Group Leaders, to show the children how amazing God’s love is. The story of Daniel gave me the opportunity to demonstrate in a vivid and exciting way, that when faced with fear we can call upon God to protect us.


Throughout this summer we will use animals in Creation to build a picture, for the children, of what God can do for us. Then, as we come together to give thanks for our pets at harvest, we can use the craft images we have made to remind us of the animals and how they symbolise God in our lives.


Keep an eye on our Facebook page to see some of the craft the children make each week. We have 3 more Sundays left of the summer holidays. Come along and see which stories we are learning about. New children at Holy Trinity are always made welcome – we look forward to meeting you!


Becky and the Sunday School Team