Bring on the summer

Most clergy I know find the church calendar is very busy. There's almost always something happening, & it can be exhausting. The exception is the summer holiday period.


Over the summer many people take their holidays. So children's work is much reduced, and there are far fewer meetings arranged - there's no point in trying to meet if a third of the committee is away.

Over the summer there are no big church events. Holy Week and Easter are long gone, and the summer fete (if you have one) is done. Harvest, Remembrance and Christmas are still a way off.


So how do the clergy fill the summer weeks?


Well, having worked long hours at some points of the year, they recuperate a little. They try not to feel guilty about having free evenings. They try to catch up on some of the (theology!) books they're supposed to have been reading. And they take their own holidays, of course.


Not that everything grinds to a halt! There are still services to take, admin to do, pastoral needs to attend to. But I'd be lying if I said the summer holiday period wasn't quieter.


Bring on the summer - I'm looking forward to it.


Reverend John Routh