You can please some of the people some of the time

One of the challenges of being on the Social Committee is to choose events that people will attend. Fairly obvious I know, but when it comes down to it we’re a very disparate bunch in the congregation, coming from all walks of life: labourers to company owners, cleaners to bank managers, teenagers to nonagenarians'  The only thing we generally have in common is our faith, and even that varies from catholic to evangelical!


At ‘Film Club’ (first Monday of the month at 7.00pm) we give people a choice of five films for next time and take a vote on what they want to watch. Some of the films are not what I would choose but the consensus generally gets it right and everyone enjoys it. Occasionally someone can be offended, but there is something about watching a film at the ‘cinema’ that can enhance it, especially having an ice cream that you might not get a home! And it's nice to discuss the film after as you leave.


Anyway, back to choosing events, the committee takes into account comments we have had from various people:

“you don’t do enough for children”,

“I don’t go out in the evening”,

“it finished too late”,

“it finished too early”,

“there were too many children running around”

“it’s not the sort of thing I could bring my friends to”


You can please some of the people some of them time etc... We try to be inclusive, so that all events encompass all ages. We try to address everyone’s comments.  But as we are such a disparate bunch we are never going to please everyone. 


Later in the year we are holding a Mini-Olympics event for the children of the Sutton Coldfield Group (Holy Trinity, St Peter's and St Chad's) in the field at the back of St Chad's. We had planned the event for last Sunday but sadly it was rained off. It is free, we were hoping that a little inter church rivalry would enthuse both children and parents. There is something for everyone there and sports for the kids. BUT we need everyone’s support to make the event a success. Do look out for the new date - Come along you might even enjoy it.


Other things coming up include a Quiz evening, Sunday Breakfast, Harvest Supper/Lunch; and Sue has got other ideas but she wants to discuss them with the Committee first!