I've been watching a TV series which has just come to an end, Homeland.


For those who haven't been watching, the idea is that an American soldier is rescued after having been held captive by militant Islamists in the Middle East for 7 or 8 years. He returns home to a hero's welcome. But is he a hero? Or, as one CIA agent believes, has he been 'turned' ... is he now part of a plot against his homeland?

What I liked about the programme, apart from the gripping storyline, is that no-one is quite what they seem. Everyone has secrets, or motivations which are not what you anticipate. And I found that to be quite 'real' ... that's what people are like in the real world.


We all have secrets, or undisclosed, less than pure motivations. We all have parts of our lives that we don't talk about with others: they are private, for us alone. Often they are the parts we least want to bring into the open, out of embarrassment.


But is anything really for us alone? For those with faith, ultimately nothing is secret. For our God knows everything about us, he knows us from before the cradle to beyond the grave! I imagine then that you, like me, will be thankful that our God is one who sees our private, secret selves ... and still loves us beyond measure.


Reverend John Routh