A Curate’s Past

What makes you think about things past, of the significant events of your

life? The trigger point could be anything, for me last Sunday it was our Annual Parochial Church Meeting. One of our Church Wardens was retiring and that made me think about my time as Warden at Holy Trinity, and the road that led to it.


Nearly forty years ago our children joined the uniformed organisations at Church and my wife and I would go along to the Parade Services. We were not practising Christians, just parents who supported their children in whatever they did. However, suddenly and totally unexpectedly my mother died, a great shock. My wife insisted that we went as a family to Church the following Sunday, it turned out to be the spiritual turning point of my life. Kneeling for a blessing at the Communion rail I felt a great peace and acceptance, life changed.

My wife and I became part of the Holy Trinity family, supported, loved and encouraged. Over the years I became a member of the Parochial Church Council, and finally to my surprise Church Warden. A position of great responsibility; Wardens are Officers of the Bishop and are the senior Lay people in the Church.


But I also learnt that I was chief pigeon frightener, grand light bulb changer and principal chair shifter; being a warden is a great leveller. After nine years I retired from Wardenship, and looked forward to a life of some ease.


However God had other ideas, which I will tell you about in future blogs. God really does work in mysterious ways.


Paul, Curate