Spring arrives at Sunday School

Hello again, Isabelle here!


I hope you are enjoying Britain’s summer and the beauty of the flowers, especially the daffodil which really brings summer to life. Daffodils make people feel happy and I am happy not only because summer is here, and I can play outside, but also because I can see all my wonderful friends at Sunday school.

In both Sparklers and Rockets we have done lots of creative things we have also (Rockets) done some quite in depth discussions.


I really enjoy the range as does everyone in Sunday school, so thanks to the Sunday school leaders. If you are thinking about coming don’t worry, we will be very happy to see you.


A few people recently joined and come regularly so we are obviously good at welcoming people into our community of friends!!  Please come along to join either Sparklers of Rockets or even Crèche for younger children!


Have a great spring (well almost summer)!!