Children's Groups at Holy Trinity

The children at Holy Trinity are very much a part of our congregation and have a lot to offer to our church. As well as attending their groups during the service they take on many roles including handing out the service sheets, and helping with the collection. Some of the older children are on the reading rota and sing in the choir. You can read more about the children’s groups at Holy Trinity on our website .

Each Sunday, a few minutes into the 10am service, the children gather at the front of church for the children’s hymn and prayer. After playing their instruments they go off to their groups to learn what their parents and grandparents are also learning about. We use the weekly Bible Readings to plan our sessions which gives families the opportunity to share what they have all heard about when they get home.


This Sunday the children made some fabulous Easter collages to go with those made at the Easter Experience on Good Friday. You can see their creations up on the pillars in church. We talked about the events of Holy Week and what it means for us today.


The children value discussing and sharing thoughts. We always try to vary what we do in the children’s groups to ensure everyone enjoys their time in church. Craft is usually the favourite activity – where lots of mess is essential!


At the end of the sessions the children re-join the adults for Communion. Sometimes they like to show what they have made or learnt to the congregation (knowing it’s almost time for juice and biscuits in the Trinity Centre after the service).


I enjoy sharing time with the children at Holy Trinity. They always amaze me with their ideas and thoughts. I often learn from them whilst I’m teaching them which means I never tire of being a leader…