behind the scenes at the PCC

I have discovered over the last 15 years as a member of the congregation what a hard working church Holy Trinity is. Not just to keep the fabric of the church together but by working hard for others too- its congregation, the wider community in Sutton Coldfield, local charities and international community’s- like the support to a school in Malawi.

The PCC is the decision making body of the church, a bit like a Governing Body at a school. And after several years of helping out with children’s activities, attending social events and making lots of friends, the opportunity to be on the PCC came up and I took it.

It is an exciting time for the PCC with the reordering of the Church on the horizon and the chance to shape Holy Trinity for our children and future generations- even though I am sure it will be a challenging journey at times.

Being a member of the PCC means being part of a team: supporting friends to develop the future of our Church, to use existing skills and learn new ones. It also means learning a whole new lot of terminology- perhaps learning Latin will come in useful after all!!

Sometimes in our busy lives it’s hard to make time for others but by being a member of the PCC it’s a chance to support our community and the wider communities and charities Holy Trinity supports- what better way to give something back!