Our Marriage Preparation Day

A Curate’s life is one of continual learning and last Saturday morning was no exception.


Our group of three Churches held a Marriage Preparation Day for those getting married in our Churches this year. At first I was a little sceptical. After nearly 45 years of marriage, I remembered that all I had to do was turn up on the day of the Wedding and life flowed from there.

Most couples for our Marriage Preparation Day admitted to being nervous of what it might consist. Were they going to be bored by the Clergy, waving Hymn books and pontificating about the Order of Service?


They were pleased to discover that they found it wasn’t like that; Clergy in fact had a very low profile! Instead, we welcomed two guest speakers from our local Mother’s Union branch, who led the couples through a series of talks, questions and thoughts about relationships. Not just relationships between the couples but also between them and their families and friends.


As we chatted to our wedding couples afterwards, their comments and feedback were very encouraging. They talked of giving them time to talk about issues they don’t normally talk or have time to talk about. They said it was very helpful in helping them to understand each others needs and very useful and thought provoking overall.  


The Day worked for us at Holy Trinity, could it work for you at your Church?


Paul, Curate at Holy Trinity