What shall I do this year?

Lent starts this week. The wrestling with my conscience begins: what shall I give up this year? Tea & coffee? Beer & wine? Chocolate & crisps?


Lent is the season preparing us for Good Friday, the moment when we remember Jesus' sacrifice of his own life. Many people mark the season by making some sort of sacrifice of their own. We try to give up something we like, or take up something we don't. It's a way of reflecting on our lives, & on what Jesus did for us.

This year you can give something up & take something up all in one! You can give up a free evening each week; and use it to take up attending our Lent study course. We're getting together with St Chad's & St Peter's once a week to follow a course called '40 days of Peace'. Why not join us?


Each session starts at 7.30pm, day & location as follows ...

Week 1:    Wed 29th Feb at Holy Trinity

               Jesus is the bringer of peace

Week 2:    Tues 6th March at St Peter’s

               Peace in our hearts

Week 3:    Tues 13th March at St Peter’s

               Peace with our neighbours

Week 4:    Thur 22nd March at St Chad’s

               Peace-makers need skills

Week 5:    Thur 29th March at St Chad’s

               The cost of being a peace-maker


But first, join us at Holy Trinity at 7.30pm on 22nd Feb. It's Ash Wednesday, and we start Lent by committing ourselves to God, and the sacrifices of Lent, in worship.