If music be the food of love, play on..

Most social events seem to revolve around food and drink. That's as much true for church social events as as well secular. Any event Holy Trinity's social committee organise are intended to break even on costs, but generally we have been fortunate enough to make a small profit on all we do. This is donated to our nominated charity for the year, for 2012 it is Birmingham Crisis Centre. The Post Christmas Party, we held last month, we were able to donate £125 from the proceeds. 
The social committee also get involved at other times. Like the Pancakes and Praise service this weekend (19th Feb) or the BIG Breakfast for Malawi next (26th Feb). Pancakes and Praise will be an informal gathering in the Trinity Centre, with activities aimed at the younger members and a team of people cooking pancakes for all there. 
The Big Breakfast is specifically for raising funds for Malawi, a full cooked breakfast in the Trinity Centre before the Family service, serving from 8.30am thepop across to church! Tickets available from the Trinity Centre £5 for adults £2 for children. Excellent value! I know we should be health conscious but don't feel guilty, feel good about the proceeds to Malawi. We're selling tickets so we know how many we've got to cater for.