Sunday with the children

Last Sunday morning, instead of taking the service I was in charge of the children's Sunday Group. My children are both away at university - I'd forgotten what looking after a group of young children is like. Parents: you have my respect!


Anyway, I was telling them about Communion - where it comes from, what it represents. I started by telling the story of God freeing the Israelites from slavery in Egypt & leading them to a new land; & of how the Israelites remember that every year with a special meal - the Passover meal.


We took a break to do some craft - the fun bit! We kept the mess to a minimum. You can see the two 'mosaics' they did in church at the lectern & pulpit - pictures of a plate with bread and a chalice with wine.


Next I told them about a particular Passover meal nearly 2000 years ago, which we now call the Last Supper. Jesus shared bread & wine with his disciples. He told them he was about to die to free them from a different kind of slavery; so they were to think of the bread & wine as representing his body & blood.


Finally, I said that, just like the Israelites, we have a special meal to remember God freeing us from slavery. And we have that meal every week - Communion. And I gave them a 'sort of' communion - so they'd have an idea what their parents do every week in church.


I don't know how much they'll remember of what I told them. Hopefully something! But I know I'll remember that Sunday service spent with them. As always I found them tiring, but fun.