Church Family

What is a ‘family’?  We usually think of a group of people related by blood or marriage.  But you could say that the congregation at Holy Trinity is a family of sorts - a church family.


We are a group of people of all ages who come together regularly, with our youngest family member just a few weeks old, our oldest ... well let's just say 'well into their retirement years'!  Everyone shows love and support for one another; whether practically, emotionally or through prayer.  There is a great sense of belonging.  To me, with all this, we have a family.


Belonging is really important, especially to children.  We live in a time where our 'real' extended families are spread all over the country, if not the world.  So having a church family is extremely valuable.  The children at Holy Trinity are certainly treasured.


There are many opportunities for our children to feel they belong and the congregation work extremely hard to ensure they are included.  There are Sunday Group leaders & their helpers, the choir leader, our cluster youth worker, crèche leaders and even the people who lovingly wash the crèche toys on a regular basis.  There are those who run Open House, our mother and toddler group, and the people who are involved in the running of the uniformed groups.


Most importantly - when a child walks into church they are always acknowledged and encouraged with love.


The enthusiasm from all of these generous people builds our family and ensures it will remain a family for future generations.  It is truly an honour to see this kind of devotion to sharing the love of Christ.  With the stability of a loving ‘family’, children are capable of anything!


Becky Stephens