Everyday dilemmas

All around us in the world there are issues which demand our attention - all manner of them.  The newspapers and radio/television news bulletins serve as constant reminders.  Demonstrations against the financial system outside St Paul’s and in major cities throughout the world, the situation in a host of Middle Eastern nations, famine in the Horn of Africa, millions of infant deaths from malaria, assisted suicide, embryo research - these are just a few issues of the day. How should we respond to them?


It's easy ... isn’t it?  Christ has told us to love our neighbours as ourselves.  It's easy to say, but how do we actually go about doing it?  It's not always obvious - things are seldom simple; most issues are multi-faceted.  Well, no one ever said being a Christian was easy, but we should always remember that, in all our endeavours, God is beside us.


I find it helpful to know that, during November, we at Holy Trinity have the opportunity to look at some issues of the day in a bit more detail.  For four weeks that month House Groups will meet - we will discuss some current issues and look at these in the light of scripture.  And then - a highlight for me - there's a Study Day on 19th November when a team from Birmingham Children’s Hospital lead by The Reverend Nick Ball will guide us through some questions of Medical Science and Religion.


Hopefully by December I shall have a little clearer view on some of these things, but equally I am sure I shall still have a bunch of unresolved dilemmas!


Bob Dyke