From the Rectory

What’s it like to be the Rector’s wife (or technically, the Priest-in-charge's wife)?


I’ve lost count of the times I’ve been asked ‘what’s it like to be the Rector’s wife?’ but my answer is always the same – there are downsides such as never being able to go away at Christmas or Easter, but in general it’s good, a privilege even.


By this I don’t mean that it’s a position of privilege – long gone are the days when being the Rector’s wife carried any social status, and rightly so. I mean that I get to experience things that others may not – and I don’t just mean seeing John in his pyjamas!


Living in the Rectory means I get to see and hear about some of the quiet good deeds that members of the Holy Trinity congregation perform day after day, week after week - the many many hours volunteered to create and maintain the community at Holy Trinity and the wider parish. It’s a privilege to know about these acts of service.


As the Rector’s wife I get to see the work that goes into the sermons he gives on a Sunday – the hours of careful thought that lead to those 10 minutes at the lectern.  Sometimes I even get to design the props (the giant Mothering Sunday firecracker was one of mine!). It’s a privilege to see the preparation that goes into a Sunday service.


People sometimes apologise to me for introducing me as the Rector’s wife.  Although it’s always nice for my name to be mentioned as well, I don’t really mind.  I think it’s great being the Rector’s wife – just don’t ask me whether we’re going away at Christmas!