Thoughts of a curate

Every two months we have a morning service for those who are to be baptised.  In September there were three children with their families and friends; it was a large congregation with lots of children.


Baptism Services can be full of noise and unexpected happenings.  This one was no different.  During the Service some of the children (not those to be baptised!) began to wander around the Church exploring where to sit and make new friends.  One even made into the Choir stalls and was quite happy to sit and watch ... perhaps a potential Choir member.


During the Baptism Service we were reminded that we have responsibilities for those to be baptised; we are to care for them and guide them through life.  It's an important responsibility and one that is often expressed at its very best in what is usually called the extended family.


As a “home grown” Curate I've experienced something of the care and love of the extended family of the Holy Trinity congregation. From the very first moment of my decision to pursue the path of Ordination, there was overwhelming support.  There was advice on how to study, loan of books and encouraging conversations at difficult times.


Thank goodness there was also an amazing tolerance of my mistakes; gentle reminders that a microphone left on was much worse than a microphone left off because of the unguarded comment!  I  hope and pray that my wonderful experience of the love and support of an extended family is yours.