10th Anniversary

This weekend sees the 10th anniversary of the terrorist attack on the Twin Towers in New York … & the TV & radio schedules feature a number of programmes dedicated to remembering it.


I remember it clearly. My parents-in-law were somewhere over the Atlantic en route to New York when it happened, & we had no idea whether their flight was one of those that had been hijacked & flown into the buildings. So we watched closely. Happily all we suffered was a few hours of worry.


Our involvement was trivial. For others it was a far more significant day as they suffered real & permanent loss: the passengers on those fated planes, people going about their daily business in the Twin Towers, those involved in the rescue attempts, the families & friends of all of them.


I’ve been interested by some of the survivors & bereaved who were interviewed first in the immediate aftermath of the attack, & then again 10 years later for this anniversary remembrance. It’s noticeable how much their thoughts have changed.


Some are clearly embarrassed by their initial comments. In their initial grief they expressed a desire for their government to seek vengeance, & a general distrust of all Muslims. Now though, they see their government has not always supported the ‘good guys’, & that the terrorists did not represent mainstream Islam. Maybe in God's hands time heals a little, time brings a better perspective.


This 10th anniversary offers to all the survivors & bereaved the opportunity remember what happened, & those who they lost. I pray they will all find comfort & peace - & a life of meaning looking forwards to the future.