Thinking about creation

During August our children’s groups have been learning about the story of Creation in the Book of Genesis. And along the way they’ve been making pictures to show what was made on each of the seven days of Creation.


In our service last Sunday they showed us a picture of Day and Night, one of the heavens, and one of the land and sea with plants and trees. The children’s artwork helped us all to reflect on the Creation story.


I’m looking forward to seeing the rest of the children's pictures, especially the one showing the day on which humanity was created. The opening chapter of Genesis is a wonderfully poetic piece: its words show humanity reaching out to describe the unknowable, to understand in some way its origins and its place in the world.


The whole Creation story describes God as the source of everything that is, ourselves included, and it tells us that God was pleased with what he had created – Creation is good.


In the same service we also listened to the opening words of the Gospel according to John. John deliberately echoes the opening of the book of Genesis with the words “In the beginning ...” But, writing centuries after the writers of Genesis, his story of creation stretches further in time. He brings it to his own day and the life of Jesus, in the phrase, ‘the Word became flesh.’


If Genesis tells us that creation is inherently good, then John tells us that Jesus Christ is its fulfilment. In him we have the opportunity to be a part of the perfection that God wishes for his world. That seems to me to be something worth aspiring to.