From under the pulpit - no. 3

Hi, it's Isabelle and I am back for my third column. Or is it really my first column, as you may be reading this on our wonderful new website.

This year so far has been great fun and I have thoroughly enjoyed going to church, meeting new people and learning. All the people are so friendly it felt like I fitted in straight away.
Over the year I have been to many Sunday school sessions and have really enjoyed myself. But the one thing that has really made it easy, is the really cool friends I have made both my age older and younger. I really love the sessions which have craft in them and the ones which are like mini competitions and I hope to see many more of these in the next school year. Hint hint to the great leaders!!
Keeping with the creativity theme this summer, Sunday school groups (Rockets and Sparklers) have combined to make Sparklets or Rocklers. The theme for the wonderful school holiday weeks is Creation. Each week, we are filling a board with colours and craft which illustrates a day of Creation. So board one would be day one, board two, day two etc. etc. I really enjoyed coming up with imaginative ideas with my group to make light and dark look wonderful on the plain board. Luckily we succeeded and it did look really cool!
Finally I want to mention the possible changes in groups coming up for Sunday school. As most people in Sparklers are eight years old, they have all suddenly moved up to Rockets (which starts at 8 years old). This leaves Sparklers with hardly any people left in and Rockets with far too many!
The idea which was put to us in Rockets one session, was that what did we think the age you should come up to Rockets from Sparklers. Should it be 8 years or older? This made me feel more involved in the future of Sunday school and our church and also it made me feel we could influence the way our sessions were run and the whole set up of them.
I really like the feeing of being you?