Summer is here ... honestly!

Summer is here.  You can see it all around.  The sun is out & it isn’t raining ... yet.  Honestly!  The schools have closed for the long holiday; parents have become preoccupied with occupying their children. 


As for Holy Trinity, well life is a little quieter than normal.  People are taking their summer breaks, so congregation numbers have their annual temporary dip.  And it’s hard getting people together for meetings … I’ve just had that great rarity: a whole week without a single meeting to attend.


Life goes on, of course.  People still have problems just like any other time of year.  Church services don’t happen without at least a little thought & effort.  And there's plenty to occupy our attention in the wider world.  Life doesn’t stop just because it’s summer.  


But everyone needs time & space to withdraw from things temporarily … a Sabbath time.  I’m looking forward to my break, when it comes … I hope yours is all you hope for too.