From under the pulpit

Why I chose Holy Trinity


Hello, my name is Isabelle and we have recently moved from London up to Sutton Coldfield. Moving house brings all sorts of changes. That means finding a new church, finding a new house, making new friends and getting to know everyone.


It was important to us to choose a church and to be part of the local community. I was very sad to leave my old church St. Faith's, as I had made lots of friends and the vicar was my friend.


To make choosing our new church more appealing, I came up with the idea to create a shopping list of what we would want from our church. We made a list, and then we went on the Internet to look at the websites of the churches in Sutton Coldfield.


We then selected three to four favourite churches from our research, that we wanted to try out in person. Now here comes the fun bit! We turned it into a mystery shopping exercise, by visiting our shortlist at their Sunday service and by checking out the things that were important to us (on our shopping list.)


It would be unfair to name the other churches but they all had their good points. Now, let me tell you about our visit to Holy Trinity. The outside of the church was really beautiful (10/10). Then we got in and lots of people said hello which was really nice because we didn't know anybody. I took my sister, Bea up to the front of the church where we all sang a song accompanied by us playing instruments, Bea loved playing with the instruments. It was great (from Bea 10/10) after the song there was a creche which Bea went to, it was really good that facility because it gave her a chance to play. It also meant I could go to a Sunday school without having to look after Bea.


I really liked that there were 2 Sunday School classes, one for 4-7yrs (Sparklers) and one for 7+yrs (Rockets), so I could be with children my own age and I could help out at Sparklers on the Sundays that Rockets isn't on. Everyone was very kind and friendly when I helped out at Sparklers. I really enjoyed helping the younger children. The next time I knew more people and liked being able to have a chat with them all. I had made a few friends in the first few weeks!


After church the cake was really tasty (a great factor when looking at churches!) A few weeks later I went to Rockets we made cards and discussed the topic (Valentines day) I really enjoyed going and learnt a lot but also had fun and met even more people who would become friends .The teachers were really lovely which I really liked as I had been a bit scared as it was all new! But everyone was so nice I wasn't scared for very long.


At the end of the visit I decided I didn't want to go to another church. I liked the people at the church and there was something for me and Bea which was really brilliant. On the weekends I was away Mum and Dad looked around the other churches. We all agreed that for us this would be the best choice (I was right!')