From under the Pulpit – no 2

Hello I’m back, Isabelle again. You might remember my last column on how I took my family on a mystery shopping exercise for a new church when we moved into Sutton Coldfield.  So how do you think I’ve been getting on?  Let me tell you what I’ve been up to at Holy Trinity Sunday School.

Sunday school has been brilliant every week! My favourite weeks were: the general knowledge quiz (you don’t have to see it to believe it!),Snakes and Ladders, and the Lost Sheep week. Quiz week was all about Jesus and how we still believe in him but we haven’t seen him. Just like the quiz some things you would find it hard to believe. Did you know hippo’s milk is pink!! 
However the funniest Sunday school week has to be the snakes and ladders one. We were talking about Jesus being our friend always, but if you are really naughty he still loves you. Does it affect your friendship with Jesus though? We decided that like our friends at school and at home things can make the relationship go up and down. Snakes and ladders symbolised becoming closer and further away to Jesus. When we all made our own we made one for John the vicar. The snakes being things like: dropping the baby into the font at a christening and getting the name wrong at a funeral. The ladders however were: preaching a good short sermon and (as previously in the service he hadn’t) lighting the candles first time. 


Finally and most recently was the lost sheep week. The two main Sunday groups (sparklers 4-7, and rockets 8+) joined to make a big group.  Reverend John normally spends the week writing his sermon and then delivering it on Sunday, something which he is very good at! This week he was faced something trickier... After reading the story of the lost sheep we went off to find our own lost sheep in the trinity centre using photographs and good looking skills. Then when all the sheep had been returned we set about making an alter front, on a large piece of paper, showing the three main parts of the story. With a couple of party rings some squash and a lot of colouring and cotton balls the front was finished and we carried it carefully up the stairs and over to the church. Luckily it wasn’t raining!


I continue to enjoy going to Sunday school and I know the other children enjoy it too. Thinking of giving us a try. Come on you might enjoy yourself!!