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Welcome to Holy Trinity Parish Church.  


We are a friendly, open parish church in the heart of Sutton Coldfield where all are made welcome whether you are visiting for the first time or have been coming here for many years.


We welcome people of all ages and at all stages in their Christian faith. Our churchmanship is 'central' and inclusive.  Our facilities for children help them to feel part of the Church while allowing parents a space to worship and learn.


I hope you enjoy browsing our website, and look forward to seeing you at one of our services.


John Routh, Rector

Please bear with us!

At present the church is being re-ordered.  A new entrance will make it wheelchair and pushchair friendly.  We'll be having new heating and seating. While this is being carried out all our services are taking place in the Trinity Centre and our car park has temporarily reduced capacity.  The work should be finished by September.


Please bear with us whilst this is all going on. 






The Forty Days of Lent

For Christians the forty days of Lent are an opportunity to reflect

upon their journey of faith.  Lent recalls the time that Jesus spent in the wilderness, praying and reflecting on his ministry.  The forty days allow us to reflect on our discipleship, and to prepare ourselves for the events of Easter Week which culminate in the glorious resurrection of Jesus.


Tradition tells us that Lent can also be a time of fasting.  Is that what Lent should mean to us? Fasting is certainly part of the Lenten experience; we are told that Jesus fasted in the wilderness. However, we may ask ourselves whether just denying ourselves food is really meaningful. Would it be more appropriate if for example we were to donate that which we have given up, or even more, to a local food bank?


Or maybe we should we engage in acts of kindness for the communities we live in.  Some of us may remember Archbishop Sentamu, when he was Bishop of Birmingham, encouraging us during Lent to carry out practical acts of kindness for the community. Litter picking in Sutton Park was one we may remember.


Whatever we do during Lent, whether it is fasting or acts of kindness, let’s always remember the essential nature of Christianity that Saint Paul wrote about in his First Letter to the Corinthians; faith, hope and love.  In Lent we have an opportunity to remember the faith we have in Jesus, the hope we have of eternal life, and the love that we bear one another and all humanity. 


Paul Duckers





Derwent Harp Ensemble


On Saturday 6th February 2016, we were privileged to hear the wonderful Derwent Harp Ensemble performing a wide range of beautiful and uplifting melodies. They were led by Helen-Elizabeth Naylor who kept us all entertained with her descriptions of the various tunes and their traditional origins.


The concert, in aid of the Friends of Holy Trinity, was held in the Trinity Centre, because of the current re-ordering work in the church.  Rev. John Routh, Rector of Holy Trinity, invited the ensemble to come back when the church is re-opened so that we can all enjoy the harps again with the added benefits of the wonderful church acoustics.


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How's it going?



A month has passed since we moved out of church to allow the contractors to get on with the re-ordering work.  So how’s it going?


We’ve emptied the ground floor of the church, and put everything into storage.  We’ve found homes for the choir/chancel organ and almost all the pews.  The contractors have moved in.  They’ve set up their site, removed the timber floors and ... well, they are hard at work and getting on with it.


Meanwhile ... we’ve moved into the Trinity Centre and are holding all our services there.  The atmosphere feels different – but good.  We’re slowly working out how best to use the space for worship.  And maybe we’re learning lessons as to how we might do things when we return to the church.


A month has passed.  There are fewer than eight months to go.  So how’s it going?  It’s going very well!









At last, the wait is over!


For over 10 years, the congregation, and PCC of Holy Trinity have been working towards re-ordering the church building.  It’s been a long haul, but at last the moment has arrived – the re-ordering work is about to start. 

Last Sunday (27th December) we held our last service in church for the time being.   The contractors will arrive on site on Monday 4th January.  But even though the church building will be closed for the next 9 months, whilst the work is being done, the church will go on.   All our services will be held as usual – but they’ll be taking place in the Trinity Centre.   It will be a little different to what we’re used to – but it will be still be church.  

We’ve spent the last week preparing.  The church has been cleared.  Things we won’t need for the duration of the work have been stored; things we will need have been moved to accessible places in the Centre; a few things have been disposed of.   And with that week of hard work from a number of us, we’re pretty much ready!

So, at last, the wait is over.  Plans are finally to be put into action.  These are exciting times! 






The Christmas Journey


What does Christmas Day mean to you?  


For many people it must seem like the end of a long journey.  After weeks of intensive shopping, presents have been bought and wrapped, pantries and freezers stocked with food.  A tremendous amount of time and effort will have been spent on the journey of preparation for the Christmas Day celebration.  And after the end of that journey?  Hopefully there’s the opportunity for the rewards of peace and quiet – if only for a short space of time.   


It is not quite like that for Christians.  Christmas Day is seen not as the end of a journey but as the beginning of one.  Christians have been preparing for the start of that journey in the four weeks before Christmas, the time we call Advent. We have been thinking about the great gifts of Christian life, of hope, peace, love, joy and light; and the opportunities and responsibilities that those gifts present us with.     


On Christmas Day we will welcome the gift from God of the Christ child, give thanks for him, and then start our journey.  The Christian journey is one of demonstrating to the world that the gifts of Christianity, hope, peace, love, joy and light are essential to all humanity.  Each Christmas Day we start our journey anew, each Christmas Day is a reminder of our responsibility to share those gifts with all people.


Be with us on Christmas Day, join us on our journey of faith, come and welcome Jesus Christ the light and hope of the world.


Paul Duckers


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