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Welcome to Holy Trinity Parish Church.  


We are a friendly, open parish church in the heart of Sutton Coldfield where all are made welcome whether you are visiting for the first time or have been coming here for many years.


We welcome people of all ages and at all stages in their Christian faith. Our churchmanship is 'central' and inclusive.  Our facilities for children help them to feel part of the Church while allowing parents a space to worship and learn.


I hope you enjoy browsing our website, and look forward to seeing you at one of our services.


John Routh, Rector





It's Christmas ... well, nearly

I don’t quite know how I’ve managed it, but we’ve reached the start of Advent and I haven’t yet heard Noddy Holder yelling ‘It’s Christmas!!!’  Wonders will never cease. 


Still, Noddy Holder or not, it’s time to prepare for Christmas, and our celebration of God’s gift to all of us of Jesus Christ.  On the home front the annual scratching of heads over what presents to buy for the family has started.  On the church front, I’ve been preparing service sheets that will see us through to Christmas Day and beyond. 


So what have we got planned at Holy Trinity.  Well there’s something special happening on every Sunday in Advent ...

·      On 27th November, at 6.30pm there is a service of Advent Carols, when we’re joined by people from some of the other churches in the town;

·      On 4th December, at 4.00pm we have our Christingle Service, at which children and adults make Christingles and support the work of the Children’s Society;

·      On 11th December, at 10am there is our Toy Service, when everyone donates a new toy which we then distribute to children who will otherwise receive very little at Christmas;

·      And on 18th December, at 6.30pm we have our Candlelit Carol Service, when the choir lead us in carols and we hear the Christmas story told in a series of nine readings from scriptures.

All that before we even get to Christmas! 


So please, come and join us to make your spiritual preparations for Christmas.  You’ll be made very welcome. 








We're in the month of November. The clocks have gone back, the darker evenings have come and the mood of life has become more sombre. Gone are the sun filled days of summer, and in the darker days of November we remember those who have died in war. We will gather in Churches and by War Memorials to remember the fallen.


Two lines from a poem “Anthem for Doomed Youth” by Wilfred Owen, one of the greatest of the First World War Poets, seem to capture the essence of remembrance.


The first of the lines is: “And bugles calling for them from sad shires.” On Remembrance Sunday the buglers will play and we will bow our heads in sorrow and remember the war dead. The second of the lines is: “And each slow dusk a drawing down of blinds.” These words remind us of our respect for the sacrifice for those who died in war and the emptiness of life without them. 


We remember the dead, and then what happens, how do we respond to the sacrifices made by so many millions of people? Some words from Sir Winston Churchill may well focus our thoughts. In the darkest days of the Second World War he expressed the desire for peace after war in these words that “The life of the world may move forward into broad sunlit uplands.”


How close are we to living in those sunlit uplands of peace?  Remembering those who died in war should mean that we take on a responsibility to work tirelessly for peace. What more fitting memorial can there be that future generations should live in the broad sunlit uplands of peace because of our dedication to walking the paths of peace in memory of the fallen?







Settling back into church

The last few weeks have seen us using our new church building in a number of different scenarios.  It's an ongoing learning experience for us all.  But it will be better once we get the building completed and handed back over to us properly.

Having now had a number of services - including our special Re-Opening service with Bishop David, two weddings, a baptism, the Bishop Vesey Founder's Day service with 400 students and staff, and most recently the Gala concert organised by the Friends Group - we have already shown our versatility!

All this has been done whilst part of a building site, having to clean, set up and put away each week-end so that the builders could make further progress (and more dust so we could practice our cleaning skills each time!) during the week.

This couldn't have happened without the tremendous efforts of a band of dedicated and hardworking volunteers.  They have put in sterling efforts so far, with more to come over the forthcoming weeks, in order to try and present our church building in its best light whilst it is undergoing its transformation.

Now we have all our ordered chairs, sanctuary furniture and crèche equipment.  We should be able to experiment more with the layout of all this once the contractors are offsite - from early November this year.


Please see this as an opportunity to consider positive changes.  I am sure that we will not please everyone, so your cooperation and constructive feedback would be welcomed to help us to move forward with our re-newed Holy Trinity!

Hopefully we will have time to relax and enjoy the church building more over the coming Christmas period. We should have settled in properly by then!






Royal Town Gala Concert with Enigma Brass Ensemble and Paul Carr

On Saturday night we kicked off our 2016/7 Friends' Concert season with our 2016 Royal Town Gala concert.


We were treated to a wide range of rousing and moving music in the setting our our beautiful newly re-ordered church.


The talented local group Enigma Brass Ensemble took us on a trip which included tributes to the Carpenters, a medley from West Side Story and a wonderful 'Last Night of the Proms' feel finale!


Acclaimed organist, Paul Carr, showed us what an amazing range of different music can be brought forth from our church organ. Some familiar, and some new to many of us, these pieces of music filled the wonderful space that we enjoy at Holy Trinity.


If you missed this concert we do hope you'll join us for the next one on 3rd December. And by then our new underfloor heating will be up and running!


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Social news

The Social Committee have had a fairly quiet time recently, with the church closed for our reordering project.


The film club on the first Monday of the month is continuing to be a popular event, the members vote on the choice of film for next time, the terms of the licence prevent us from publishing it on the website but it is included in the Newsletter each week. Last week We saw 'Eye in the Sky' starring Helen Mirren and Alan Rickman, a brilliant film.


We have continued to support the 'Friends' events, with refreshments, The Royal Town Gala Concert on the 22nd October is the next one and the first in the church for nearly a year. The concert after is Di Xiao on 3rd November.

Last weekend we held a Bring 'n' Share lunch to celebrate harvest festival, with 49 people attending. There was more food than could be eaten, although I tried! We also held a competition for the children. We asked them to make a collage face out of cut out vegetable pictures, in the style of Guiseppe Arcimbaldo or draw a picture in the same style, there were some excellent entries.


We are holding a 'Big Breakfast' event on Sunday 27th November before the 10am service, with the proceeds going to our nominated charity for the year, the British Heart Foundation (probably a contradiction, but definitely needed after).


We will also be doing the refreshments after the All Souls Service on the evening of Sunday 30th October and the mince pies and mulled wine after the Candlelit Carol Service on Sunday 18th December.


There's nothing like food and drink to bring everyone together, that's what the social committee is all about.


Colin Ingley

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