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Welcome to Holy Trinity Parish Church.  


We are a friendly, open parish church in the heart of Sutton Coldfield where all are made welcome whether you are visiting for the first time or have been coming here for many years.


We welcome people of all ages and at all stages in their Christian faith. Our churchmanship is 'central' and inclusive.  Our facilities for children help them to feel part of the Church while allowing parents a space to worship and learn.


I hope you enjoy browsing our website, and look forward to seeing you at one of our services.


John Routh, Rector

Please bear with us!

At present the church is being re-ordered.  A new entrance will make it wheelchair and pushchair friendly.  We'll be having new heating and seating. While this is being carried out all our services are taking place in the Trinity Centre and our car park has temporarily reduced capacity.  The work should be finished by September.


Please bear with us whilst this is all going on. 






Countdown to summer

This is a very long term:  a very, very long term, so lots of youth group meetings to organise.   It is, however, easier having a long term in the summer than in the winter as the nights are shorter and, hopefully, the sun shines a little bit.  Everything feels a bit easier in daylight.


It is a funny time of year.  It is the last term of the academic year and the long summer holidays are in sight.  The Year 6s are especially demob happy as they are about to leave primary school for the big shift to secondary education.  Big fish at the moment but soon to become small fish again, at least pro tem.


At the other end of the scale the Year 11s and up are facing serious exams.  Gosh, they are put under a lot of pressure these days.  I am sure it was much more relaxed back in my day.  So there are heavy times ahead for them, followed by the relief of completion and extra long holidays.


So the younger ones will need extra containing as they are getting as high as kites.  The older ones need much more gentle and fun activities at youth group to counterbalance the stress of school.  Next on our list of things to do is to play giant monopoly, custom made to include all the roads the youngsters live on.  It gets very competitive and the leaders are the worst!!


And then on 22 May we have the world premiere of the film we have been making which now has a name:  God Squad Resurrected (aka That Wretched Film).  Come and join us at 6.45pm if you would like to see out older youth group in action.  It will be fun!


We walk with the young in our midst and try to be sensitive to where they are at. It’s an exciting journey and there are always surprises along the way.   Who knows what will happen in this long term.


Susie Walker

Group Youth Worker






Reordering - again!

We are now 3 months into the works for the Reordering project and things are progressing.  There have been a few obstacles to get round!  No floors and no toilets are minor problems, as the workers have removed at least 30 skips worth of debris, and unearthed a number of hidden objects in their digging. 


We intend an open evening in July to enable the congregation to view the progress; and by that time there will be a new stone floor with heating underneath, although at that time of year we won't need it switched on!  Meanwhile there are some photos of work so far on the Church Buildings part of our website. 


New chairs and other furniture are  being planned in time for our return to church in September, hopefully without too many hitches!  Just in time for the grand Reopening by Bishop David on Sunday 2nd October. 


But what then? 


By that time we will have had an 'away morning' on Saturday 16th July to look at our patterns and styles of worship, so who knows - there may be new developments to come there too.  


With a newly reordered, more flexible and welcoming church building then we have a great new opportunity to move forward in our vision for the future of Holy Trinity.  Let's hope we are all ready to take that challenge and together respond accordingly. 








The Hope of Easter

This Sunday we celebrate Easter, the day when we celebrate the resurrection of Jesus, the day that gives us the hope of eternal life after death.  A wonderful day, full of joy and the promise of new life.  At Easter Christians celebrate the reality of the Empty Tomb and the Resurrection of Jesus. 


On Good Friday just two days ago we were in mourning remembering that Jesus had died on the Cross and his body placed in a tomb.  His first disciples had fled, their hopes and dreams shattered.  But the events of that first Easter Day turned defeat into victory.  The reality of the empty tomb and the Resurrection of Jesus changed history. 


Going to the Tomb some of the followers of Jesus discovered that the stone at the entrance to the tomb had been rolled away and that the tomb was empty.  Jesus was alive and met and spoke to his disciples; Jesus had been resurrected to a new life; he had defeated death. 


We are two thousand years from the events of the first Easter Day, and the resurrection is such a singular experience, and so removed from our normal lives, that it may seem unreal.  But, for a moment, reflect on the reactions of the first disciples.  


On Good Friday they were beaten, demoralised, and in hiding from the authorities.  On Easter Day they were changed people, confident, empowered by the reality of the resurrection of Jesus.  With confidence in the resurrection and faith in the power of Jesus they took the words of Jesus to the world.  Those first disciples lived the rest of their lives with purpose, faith and hope.  We pray that we too may follow their example.


Paul Duckers





Will Pound & Eddy Jay's Folk Night

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Half way through season three with three great concerts still to go


Since being established in Summer 2013, the Friends of Holy Trinity Parish Church has become an intrinsic part of our parish activities.  We hope we have also become a key Sutton Coldfield organisation with longevity. 


In presenting a programme of inspiring concerts and events,  the Friends’ purpose is to provide an accessible way for people to experience the hospitality of our welcoming church community, as well as a regular source of income for the building and fabric of our church.  This allows the church’s council (the PCC) to focus on its core objectives of worship, mission, and outreach rather than worrying about our 700 year old building’s bricks and mortar!


With the generosity from over 90 member subscriptions, 14 concerts, 2 Christmas Tree Festivals, 2 corporate sponsors (Dignity plc & CM2000), over £25,000 has been raised to date. 


We always aim to provide a massive variety of events. These have ranged from Harp, Male Voice Choirs, String Quartets, Pianists, Mediaeval music, Cathedral Choirs, Musical Theatre companies, Brass Bands, Gospel Choirs through to Poetry & Jazz.


We’re always open to exploring new areas and are very excited to be showcasing three-time Radio 2 Folk Musician of the Year nominee Will Pound & Eddy Jay on Saturday 12th March at 7.30pm – an evening complete with real ale and Morris dancers! 


On the 14th May, we’ll be welcoming Drawing Room Opera.  And then in early July – for the first time – Intimate Theatre present “The Heiress” which is a great story about rich, naïve girl Catherine and her penniless suitor Morris. 


Intrigued? We hope so! Looking forward to seeing you at one of our events or welcoming you as a member soon. 




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